Founded in 2014 in Amsterdam the Netherlands V@Amsterdam is a concept design atelier specialized in sustainable production of pillows and ‘wooden children’s toys. Our products are handcrafted by non-for-profit organisation aiming to help the less fortunate’s thorough EU. V@Amsterdam, guaranty that all materials and textiles comply with current environmental and labours laws.


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Step 1. How it all started

Veronika Utasi built an international career as a business consultant; although very successful, she couldn’t help thinking at her primary love witch it designed fabrics, it will take a sick leave to dramatically change her live and launched her own design company V@Amsterdam.

Step 2: Design

Due to a medical condition, my friend was forced to leave Amsterdam and return to her home country where she had to go through extensive medical treatments.  While she was living in Amsterdam, we build a strong friendship and I wanted to make her a unique present as memory of Amsterdam.

Why pillows? Making funny pillows started as a hobby.  I like pillows as they are considered a small accessory, but depending on their shape, color and material they can have a  big impact on any space. Pillows are the earrings of the house!

Amsterdam is my home town. I love to live here. It makes me happy to walk along the channels of Amsterdam and to look at the houses. The typical Amsterdam houses on the pillow are designed and drew by myself.

People often like to change their accessories in the house, but I wanted to design a pillow that is timeless.  My aim is that people wouldn’t get bored with these pillows but it would make them happy every day and stay with them through the different phases of their lives. I spent a lot of time finding the right fabrics for this purpose. I wanted to have luxury fabrics, with a very soft feel which are extremely durable and easy to clean. As sustainability is one of my core values I wanted to keep the supply chain as short as possible by importing fabrics from European suppliers. You can see detailed information on each of the fabrics on the Shop page at the product description section.

I pay attention to the smallest details. The zippers are made with great care by a small family business in Europe. They are colored to match the colors of the cushions. According to the owner of the zipper company, zippers are like women. If you offer them tenderness, care and attention every day, you will not encounter any difficulties. However if you are inpatient, rude or give no attention, sooner or later you going to get a problem.

Step 3: Production

I choose for uniqueness instead of mass production, because I believe that less is more. The houses on the pillows are all cut by hand and sewed on the pillow with a sewing machine. For an experienced worker it takes about 4 hours to make one small pillow.

The first samples were made by me. By now, I have built partnership with several foundations who bring talented people together, where they learn them new skills and actively coach them through labor activation, reintegration.

Life keeps speeding up. Due to the rush we choose to live in, we often do not see the real value of basic things in life, we often do not have time to discover the talent which lies in us or near us. I would like you to discover the talents I work with. Before you read more about them, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. If you did not have to worry about money, what would you like to do with your time?
  2. What kind of work and what cause would you serve?

Click here to meet some members of our team

Step 4: Distribution

At first, I started out by selling my products at the design markets of Amsterdam. I preferred this as I had the ability to meet my customers in person, explain my concept to them and receive feedback from them directly. My brand gain popularity very fast in Amsterdam. I am currently selling my products through my website, Etsy, online shops and several shops across the Netherlands.

Step 5: Thank you

Thank you for purchasing our products. We hope you are as happy as we and my other customers are with the products.