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Amsterdam Canal Houses Pillows

The Amsterdam Canal Houses Pillows are a unique and handmade gift to bring back home from Amsterdam. You have found the best quality Amsterdam Pillows. It is a Scandinavian Design, made by less fortunate in the EU.


Scandinavian Design

These handmade pillows are designed by V@AMSTERDAM. A unique Nordic Design product in your living room.


Handmade Amsterdam Pillows

The pillows are made by less fortunate through the European Union. We bring talented people together and actively coach them through labor activation, reintegration. The houses on the pillows are cut by hand and sewed on the pillow with the sewing machine. For an experienced worker it takes about 4 hours to make one small pillow.


Sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics

In terms of fabrics, to keep the supply chain as short as possible, V@AMSTERDAM imports fabrics from European producers. The Oeko-tex and Lean certificates guarantee, per EU regulations, that no harmful chemicals are used in the manufacturing of our products. Moreover, the certificate declares that our fabrics are skin friendly and not harmful for the environment


Durable fabrics with a soft and silky feel

We use extremely durable fabrics as my aim is that the pillows can stay with my customers through the different phases of their lives. The luxury fabrics we use have a very soft feel and they are easy to clean.

Our Amsterdam Canal Houses Pillows can be perfectly combined with the V@AMSTERDAM Simple Clean Carpets and Letterpress Wall Art.