Simple Clean Carpets, the cleanest carpet in the world.

Let me introduce you to the V@AMSTERDAM simple clean carpets, the  best and most beautiful, dust-free and eco-friendly vintage style carpet for pets and allergies. Wine and dine without any spots left on the carpet. The V@AMSTERDAM carpets can handle any stain, including red wine.

Allergy Free Carpets

Many carpets gather dust, which leads to the appearance of dust mites. They especially treathen children and can cause asthma or respiratory issues. The technology and type of yarn we use in the production process do not accumulate dust mites and eliminate the risk of allergy.

High Quality Carpets

The carpets have high resistance to light and keep their colors for many years.

Eco-friendly Carpets

Certified to Oeko-Tex standaard 100


Combine the V@AMSTERDAM Simple Clean Carpets with the V@AMSTERDAM Canal Houses Pillows and the Letterpress Wall Art.